Oh the joys of being home!!!

It’s quite a juggling act to keep the business at home running smoothly and without too many wrinkles while being on a quest in California for 4 months.

The lead up work to setting out on this quest is a bit daunting each and every time.  To say that a lot of things need to be organized ahead of time is a big understatement.  Most things are done ahead of schedule, some things are delegated, some things are put off and some things are out rightly declined.

The best way for us to keep all the balls in the air this spring, is for me to be home for several days each month.

January is working out to be the best time!  Our sweet new addition, grand daughter Meghan Blakely, arrived early, January 06.  My time at home was planned around her due date of January 15.  So with Meghan having arrived early, I am having a blissful 10 days at home!  Days and days of cuddling Meghan and playing with Cali and Mack.  And I know when I get on the plane to fly back to California next week, I’ll feel it was much too short and miss everyone terribly!

Having extra time home this month has made the many tasks that have been waiting for my arrival to be completed, very doable!  Tasks finished, timelines met and most importantly…many little smiles from little faces in the time spent with the grand-babies!

The weather has been wonderful…warm, sunny and Alberta spectacular!

The view from my barn door yesterday morning...

The view from my barn door yesterday morning…

I am missing my horses and am very much missing the amazing learning that happens each day at Arroyo with Shannon but I am very much enjoying my time at home!!!

Off to start the day…



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