Peter says I’m mean…

We had a very good day with all three horses yesterday.

William is a bit of a ball of fire these days…a very nice fireball though; go-ey, thinking forward and digging in.  A new rhythm and new timing in the half halts for Lindsey.  Man, that stallion can canter!  And to think we’re just starting to open it up!  Then next month of work is going to be amazing.

Lance’s lesson with Shannon was right after lunch.  We rode it the very large jumper ring at Arroyo Del Mar.  It takes a lot out of Lance to really focus in this lovely, open ring so it was a great training opportunity.  And he was stellar.  He stayed consistent in the new stifle to low ab connection!  And since this new connection now stayed relatively reliable, Lindsey could then add both legs “on” to produce amazing up and lift in his shoulders in the piaffe.  Breathtaking.

The next ride with Shannon was Fred.  Could she maintain the same stifle/low ab connection in her work?  Lindsey asked the question and Fred answered “Yes!”.  She is working a level lower than Lance is and now needs to build muscle and coordination to be able to develop the more difficult skills that will be asked of her ahead.  Fred is with the program!  Yeah Fred!!

…this is what Ivars does with his day while we are at work…and posting these photos is why Peter thinks I’m mean…

Ivars' view from his bike...

Ivars’ view from his bike…

Torrey Pines from his bike...

Torrey Pines from his bike…

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines



A perfect sunset to end a perfect day...

A perfect sunset to end a perfect day…

So after our flight from San Diego was canceled because of fog, we took a 2 hour shuttle ride to LAX to catch our flight to Edmonton.  It’s foggy here too but I think they are much more used…no flights have been cancelled and everything is very full and busy with flights in and out.  Maybe it’s not fog but just smog???  Anyway doesn’t matter…we on our way home to meet our new granddaughter and hug the other two babies!!

Boarding soon,


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