Sundays mean Pannikin!!

When the weather is nice around here the bike lane on Hwy 101 Coast Highway are filled with cyclists.  Good cyclists, some real great cyclists and some “just checkin’ out the ocean waves” cyclists…what a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.  And one of the very popular spots for cyclists to stop for a coffee along the way is Pannikin Coffee and Tea.  Really great coffee and teas and amazing “baked on site” goodness.  Everything from home baked granola bars to yummy gluten-free chocolate chip muffins!

And Sundays they make Orange Buns!!!!  Orange Buns…like cinnamon buns but much yummier!  Sticky, citrus-y, down right San Diego goodness!!!

So Linds and I first hit a Pilates class at Club Pilates then picked up Ivars and headed to Pannikin for Orange Buns to get the day really started!!!

Pannikin, headed south...

Pannikin, headed south…

We then headed to Arroyo, got the horses done and re-configured the trailer to standing stalls.  Ivars got on his bike (and biked up the hill from Arroyo…yikes, 1 km straight up!!) and went for a 47 km ride around Rancho Santa Fe then back to the house in Solana Beach.  He had a very good day and Linds and I had a very good day as well!  We went to TJMaxx and poked around.  Linds found her favorite jeans, in her size, at a small fraction of the price they would be at home!!

Pilates, orange buns, a great bike ride, super horses and favorite jeans…now that was a wonderful Sunday!!!

And now it looks like Monday will be a super wonderful day, Monday might be baby day!!!  News from Edmonton is that Kirsten and Andrew have headed to the hospital and we should have our new baby soon!!!  Amma and Papa will be home Wednesday night and new baby will be too!!!

Off to workout, then to Arroyo,



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