Hunger Games – Catching Fire…

As the kids and Ivars had a bit of a late morning at the house yesterday, I went to Arroyo and did the thing with our horses…treadmill, vibe floor, feed, etc.  All three of our horses were a bit tired…a good, worked hard last week, feel good tired.  So a bit of a stretch walk on the treadmill and some total relax on the vibe floor was on the schedule for the morning.

Yesterday Lindsey joined the rest of the crew from Arroyo at a full day seminar Lientje Schueler organized with noted Australian performance psychologist, Jonah Oliver.  (  By all accounts this was a very worthwhile seminar!  I am looking forward to hearing Lindsey’s “take home” on the information.  This is an important aspect to any successful athlete and the access to the experts and their information can be quite difficult to access.  Thank you Lientje for your efforts in organizing this very beneficial day.

My very quiet morning at Arroyo.  It doesn't look this quiet very often!!

My very quiet morning at Arroyo. It doesn’t look this quiet very often!!

William on the treadmill yesterday...the first of three!!

William on the treadmill yesterday…the first of three!!

So back to the house for noon and Aleks, Neil, Ivars and I headed to the theatre to catch a 1pm viewing of Hunger Games – Catching Fire.  We all thought it was just as good as the first one and are looking forward to the final chapter.

After picking Lindsey up back at the house we headed to the Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff for early dinner.  The Pacific Coast Grill is on the beach with great food and access to an amazing sunsets…a very nice way to end the family weekend with my “desert” kids.  They’ll be back!!

Taken with Aleks’ IPhone5…

Sunset last night.

Sunset last night.

The kids leave today to drive back to Phoenix.  It was so good to see them!

Lindsey and I are going to start this morning with a Pilates reformer workout at Club Pilates.  Yeah!!!  I miss my reformer!!!

Ivars is going to come with us to the stable as we still have to reconfigure the horse trailer from box stalls to standing stalls.  We’ll need the trailer changed to standing stalls to transport them to horse shows here in California. We will change it back to box stalls for the trip home.  Ivars will bring his bike to the stable and then as we ride, he’ll ride too!  Meet you at home dear!!!

Off to Pilates 🙂 and then to the stable!!





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