A Stellar Day!!!

All three horses were just super duper yesterday.

We started work in the morning with Fred in the jumper ring.  We stayed focused in the ride on Shannon’s emphasis in Fred’s last lesson to maintain the low ab/hip connection in the go of the stride.  For Fred it is especially important on her right side.  The canter got better and better in the ride and the last line of 2 tempis were dead on straight and uphill.  Good work Lindsey!  Good girl Fred!!!  The trot work is also developing quite nicely.  Fred (and William) both have the canter as their more natural gaits so introduction of more difficult concepts is easier for them to understand first in the canter then add it to the trot work.

Lance was our first lesson for the day with Shannon.  He came out ready to work.  The concepts from his last lesson (low ab/hip connection…I think this is a theme in our work that we need to address!!!) he tried very hard to find and apply.  The piaffe and passage at the end of the lesson were breathtakingly awesome!!  And the 2 tempis and one tempis were lovely.

It was William’s first lesson with Shannon yesterday.  He started the lesson a bit grumpy.  (It was at the end of the afternoon and according to him, dinner time not lesson time!!)  But he soon figured it out and went to work.  And work he did!!!  Stallion neck out of the way, low ab/hip connection turned on!!  His training time in the last several years has been quite on and off because of him having to deal with scratches on both front fetlocks.  This year has been “scratches free” and finally we’ve been able get some concentrated work done.  This will be a blossom year for our little stallion!  Yeah William!!

I have some video of the boys’ lessons from yesterday and will try to figure out how to post at least a small portion of each one later!

Bird watching in the sunshine.

Bird watching in the sunshine.

Don’t know who this little guy is but he sure could sing beautifully!!


BBFs at Arroyo...lotsa licking and playing all day.

BBFs at Arroyo…lotsa licking and playing all day.

All the gang at Arroyo are attending a sport psychology seminar today.  I’ll head to the stable and do the horse thing (treadmill, vibe floor, feeding etc) and then join Ivars, Aleks and Neil to find something fun to do around here!!!  Aleks and Neil head back to Phoenix tomorrow so today is their last day.  We’ve had a great time and I know they’ll be back but I miss them already.  Glad Phoenix is close to San Diego…

Off to Arroyo…


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  1. Love reading your updates, sounds like all the horses are going superbly!

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