So we’re back at work!!!!

We’re back at work and loving it!!!

Lance was the first lesson yesterday with Shannon and she went straight to the piaffe issues and tackled it head on.  Yeah Shannon!!!  I knew the issue was sitting there, needing attention but not really knowing quite the best way to approach it…but Shannon did and Lance got his world rocked a bit!!!  Welcome to Arroyo Lance!  We’re here with the big boys and you are definitely going to be one of the team!!!  What a great horse he is…he doesn’t think very fast so for him to pick up the nuances of a new concept is a big leap of trust.  Trust in what Lindsey is asking of him, trust in where Shannon is taking him and trust that he is safe in this very hard, risky (for him) work.  He stepped up and figured it out.  I love my horse!!!

Lindsey and I worked William in the jumper ring again yesterday.  Some really great canter work!  He’s figuring out how to carry the work through and over his back.  Canter is his best gate so we can explain at lot of the concepts of the work first in canter before tackling it in trot.  Today we’ll work him in a lesson with Shannon.

William  and Lindsey getting ready to head to the jumper ring.

William and Lindsey getting ready to head to the jumper ring.

William, working his little heart out...what a good boy!!

William, working his little heart out…what a good boy!!

We worked Fred in the next lesson with Shannon.  She was awesome!!!  Focused, thinking and trying her best to work as hard as Lindsey and Shannon were expecting of her for the hour.  For the last month she really has found the confidence to go to places in the work that would scare the heck out of her in the past.  As the work gets more difficult, the horse must trust the rider more and more.  The work of collection puts the horse’s balance in a precarious place.  Until they develop the power and co-ordination to freely maintain the collection, it is a very scary place.  The horse must trust the rider that they will be safe in this new balance and as a prey animal, they must trust they will be to free to escape these difficult places.  Freely staying in this difficult balance is trusting the rider.   Fred is being a very good girl!!





Fred is a very good girl!!!

Fred is a very good girl!!!

This is what Ivars does while I’m at work…

Ivars...enjoying San Diego!!!

Ivars…enjoying San Diego!!!


Aleks and Neil are here for the weekend!  Yeah!!  So Lindsey is going to Arroyo early this am and we’re going to Claire’s for breakfast.  I’ll join Lindsey at Arroyo later and Ivars and the kids will find some beach time this afternoon.

Lessons with Shannon today on Lance and William.  Lindsey and I will work Fred with work on the concepts we learned yesterday from Shannon.  Oh boy…I love my job!!!!





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