All three horses ridden yesterday!!!

3000 kms, three days in the trailer, one week off and then Lindsey arrives yesterday and they all go to back to work!!!  What good ponies!!

They are still a bit tired but tried really hard to put it all together and get back into the swing of work.  We worked Lance and Fred in the dressage court.  What wonderful footing!  So very stable and so much spring to it!!  We worked William in the jumper ring so he could burn off a bit with some big, long gallops.  He was happy, Lindsey was happy and I was very happy.

Today is a regular, full work day for all three horses, 2 lessons with Shannon and 1 with me.  Lance will work with Shannon every day and we will rotate Fred and William in the other lesson as needed.

Those of you who have follow this blog know how important Shannon is to our continued learning in the sport of dressage.  She spends each day teaching 2 of our horses and Lindsey as their rider.  She then adds a further level of coaching to each ride and coaches me as their regular coach, as well.  There is no one with Shannon’s level of expertise that would be able to give so much knowledge to all of us each ride.  We are very, very grateful to Shannon Peters.  This is such a rare opportunity to work with such an amazing trainer…for our horses, Lindsey and myself.  Continuing education as a dressage coach is not an easily attainable learning track especially at this level.  Thank you Shannon.

A very deserted New Years Day I 5 hwy into the airport to pick up Lindsey!!

A very deserted New Years Day I 5 hwy into the airport to pick up Lindsey!!

The sunrise from the upper deck.

The sunrise from the upper deck.

The day is going to be glorious.  Ivars is going for another ride on his bike (he’s going to drop it off at Nitro in Encinitas as it’s squeaking again), we’re going to the stable and Aleks and Neil arrive tonight from Phoenix!!!  They are staying for the weekend.  Another one of the joys of being in California…the kids are close!!!

Off to Arroyo!



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