We’re here so let’s get at ‘er!!!

After a snafu with our hotel reservations, (it included an overbooked hotel and a blown up  AC unit in said hotel) we spent the night in a very nice golf course resort an then last night in the Hilton near the barn.  Needless to say, the backseat of the truck looks like a homeless family lives there…checking in and out of hotels every night!!!  The Hilton took great care of us though, comped  the first night at the golf resort and upgraded our room which now includes a free breakfast buffet!  Thanks Doubletree Hilton!!!  I’ll have a  happy, well-rested, well-fed hubby this morning!!

The horses looked great yesterday.  All got on the treadmill, on the Vibe Floor and William got a bit of a buck and roll in the stallion pen.  William and Fred are still a bit tired but Lance is soooo ready to get back to work!!!  Overall, all three horses handled this trip very well.  This is the fifth year we have traveled to Del Mar (3 years by commercial horse transport and now 2 in the Jamco).  This year they have come off the trailer a bit travel weary but so bright eyed and almost up at normal energy.  My thoughts keep going to Genesis Organic Horse Feed as the cause of this change.  Genesis has been the big change in the overall management this year and I think it shows!!!

In the afternoon, we met with Carla and Perry and got a rundown on the house.  We are so grateful to Carla and Perry that this rental on their new, amazing home in Solana Beach has worked out for them and for us this winter.  Thank you Carla and Perry…we’ll take great care of your new digs and it will be ready and waiting for you in June!!

Our first sunset over the ocean this trip...many more to come!!

Our first sunset over the ocean this trip…many more to come!!

So off to Arroyo and then to unload and unpack at the house…pinch me!!!  Really!!!  I am so grateful.


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