Hey Shann….we’re baaack!!!

Yesterday was our light day of driving.  Vegas to Del Mar.

We watched the sunrise in Vegas as we loaded the horses and we were on the road by 7am.  The night in Vegas was very  restful for the horses.  They slept and drank and ate and were bright-eyed  and raring to go when we arrived at the barn to load them.  Thanks again Linda and Neil Montgomery!  Our horses loved your place!!

The drive from Las Vegas to the coast is quite dramatic.  Ups and stunning downs.  Driving up peaks to 4000 ft several times and the accompanying amazing downhill stretches.  The desert plateaus between the peaks were vistas that took up the whole windshield!  And the colours…soft hues of blues, greys, purples and pinks!!!!  Breathtaking!

The drive was great yesterday partly because the traffic level was moderate as we drove south.  The traffic around and into Los Angeles can get really heavy at times  It makes driving 3 much loved horses, in a very long trailer, a bit nerve wracking!!  But we timed it right and everyone had a great drive!

We arrived at Arroyo at 12:30.  The horses came off the trailer with a feel of “Hey!  Look we’re home again”!!!!  Lance passaged all the way to his stall (I think he was very happy to be back at Arroyo!!!)

"Hey!  Look!  We're home!!!"

“Hey! Look! We’re home!!!”

Our arrival at Arroyo Del Mar was so seamless this year.  Flying Colours in Alberta last week, Flying Colours in California this week.  Thank you Shannon Peters…for so many things, at so many levels…thank you.

So….Lindsey arrives on Wednesday.  I’ll spend the next three days helping the horses recover from the long trip (treadmill, vibe floor and massage).  The weather is forecasted to be around 22/23C so they will be very comfortable and recovery should be be doable in 3 days!  By Wednesday, they will be ready for work again!!

Oh my goodness…I love my job…

Is it 8 o’clock yet???  It’s Sunday…we’re going first to Pannikin for orange buns and tea and then to the stable!!!


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