The end of day two…on the road!

Day two of our travels was Idaho Falls, Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada.  11 hours of driving and once again some spectacular scenery.  The horses again, traveled well…water buckets filled several times, hay bags empty by the end of the day.  And now thanks to wonderful hospitality of Linda Montgomery, they are enjoying a good roll and a well deserved sleep in Linda’s beautiful stable.  They will be well rested for the last leg of the journey today.

We left Idaho Falls at 6:30am, -14C (6F), so double blankets in the trailer for the first leg.  When we fueled up in Provo, Utah and I crawled around them and pulled off the top layer of blankets.  There was snow on the ground all the way through Utah to the Arizona border.  Once we descended into Nevada, the temperature was around 18C (65F), balmy and beautiful!

The scenery is spectacular in that tiny bit of Arizona that falls between Utah and Nevada.  If you have never driven it, you really must put it on your driving bucket list.  It is desert at it’s finest.  We’ve done it several times now and it never gets old.

The steep up and downs and twisty turns are hard on the horses in the trailer so driving through this section is quite slow for us.  We have our 4 horse trailer configured for this long trip into 3 box stalls.  In general, they are more comfortable with this box stall set up for lengthy trips.  They can move around a bit, drop their heads to eat off the floor and drink easily from their buckets but on the steep twisty roads, I think the 4 horse, tie stall configuration would be more stable for them.  They could lean on the dividers and chest bar as they need.  But the tie stalls are too confining for 3 days in the trailer so we’ll drive slowly and let them find their balance…and we’ll enjoy the scenery!!!


27 1

Sunrise in Utah yesterday



Arizona!  And the snow is gone!

Arizona! And the snow is gone!

Enjoying the view!

Enjoying the view!



Another curve...

Another curve…

Such a gorgeous drive...

Such a gorgeous drive…

The end of another long truck needs a bath!!

The end of another long day…my truck needs a bath!!

So today is Vegas to Arroyo!!!  They all are going to sooooo enjoy their stalls at Arroyo tonight!!  They’ll be in familiar surroundings and will be able to rest and recover from the long trip.

Off to find diesel for the truck and breakfast for the husband!!!









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