On the road again…soon!!

As the departure date gets closer (Thursday!!) we are madly organizing our very large packing task.

Three horses, one rider, one coach (and one very supportive husband) for 4 months in California makes for some very tall piles of VIP and very interesting odds and sods to be packed into the horse trailer.

A printer.  Yes.  Our life will be much easier with a printer at the house.  Show entries, declarations to compete and the occasional fax. A small printer is coming along.

Foam rollers.  Yes.  A small “travel sized” hard roller and our MELT rollers.  Essential tools for any athlete!  Young and old!!!  The foam rollers are coming along.

The puppy blanket.  Yes.  I find California damp weather cold.  So I know not -30C cold but with open aired buildings, not very efficient furnaces and damp, grey weather days a big soft, cuddly blanket that looks like a big, happy puppy is coming along.

What’s not coming along this year is Lance’s heavy winter blanket!!!  He has been so healthy this year (read feed change…Genesis!!!!) that he has not been getting so cold at night here at home.  I know, crazy but it’s just another one of the many positive changes I’ve noted in my horses since our feed change to organic Genesis.  Love Genesis!!  Yeah, Lance’s big winter blanket not coming along.

Ok, so I better get my butt in gear this morning!!!  Many rides on the schedule for today and much packing!!!

The 11am lessons on a very chilly (-32C) morning.  The chestnut hour at FCS!!

The 11am lessons on a very chilly (-32C) morning yesterday. The chestnut hour at FCS!!

So the brutal weather has abated this morning and it’s going to be a lovely day!!

Off to hitch the trailer and start organizing the tack room…getting ready for the big “pack” day on Wednesday!!!



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2 responses to “On the road again…soon!!

  1. I can’t imagine trying to pack for 4 months with horses! Safe travels.

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