Well…that was very nice!

What an absolutely wonderful weekend we had around here.

It was our first Pilate/Dressage weekend and it was down right wonderful!

Thank you to the riders that participated Saturday and Sunday.  You were wonderfully patient with Lindsey and I and let us work out the bugs on the fly as we worked.

Pilates focused analysis on the bio mechanics of human movement transfers perfectly to the analysis of rider movement for effective riding.  Pilates breaks down and explains a basic form on the mat  which then transfers beautifully to effective riding techniques.

Pilates mat work in the morning, then on your horse in the afternoon…makes for 2 very full days.

Lots of “aaaahhhaaa” moments, lots of new muscle awareness and lots and lots of smiles.

And we get to do it again several times this fall.

Pilates/Dressage Workshops at Flying Colours

  • Nov 23/24
  • Dec 7/8
Finding neutral spine!

Finding neutral spine!

A wonderful exploration!!!


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