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Upcoming Clinics at Flying Colours

We are so excited to announce these upcoming clinics at Flying Colours!!!

Dressage/Pilates Workshops

October 19/20 (full)

November 23/24 (several spots open)


Call or email for more info.

flngclrs@incentre.net        780.361.7062


Self-carriage is not just a horse issue!

Dressage, like Pilates, is about dynamic stability for both the horse and rider.  A fully stable rider is better able to effectively influence the horse as they move together both horizontally and vertically.

Pilates, in general, will improve your riding technique by improving body awareness and connection, general suppleness, better balance, and overall strength.

An aware, supple, balanced rider can better influence and create these qualities in the horse.

Dynamic Stability

Dynamic Stability

This 2 day workshop will teach you to work in Pilates exercises carefully selected for dressage riders.  Work both days is on the mat and in the saddle, on your horse.

Day One – Building Body Awareness and Control


  • Pilates mat class; general principles and specific dressage focused exercises
  • Demo in arena, on horseback of body control in the saddle (left/right, front/back, in motion) (Lindsey and Lance)
  • Apply Pilates Awareness in the saddle (private riding lessons with Lindsey and Vickie)
  • Lunch
  • Apply Pilates Awareness in the saddle (more private lessons with Lindsey and Vickie)

Day Two – Building Body Awareness, Control, Strength and Endurance


  • Pilates semi private mat session with Lindsey, exercises specific to each individual rider and rider issues
  • Apply new Pilates Awareness in the saddle (private riding lessons with Lindsey and Vickie)

The posture we have while off our horses is mirrored while riding.  Pilates will help create a strong, aligned body that will enhance your riding effectiveness.

Happy riding, happy horses.



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