I couldn’t be prouder…

The art of dressage

…of Lindsey Stroh and of Lancelot.

We just finished Regional Finals for western Canada this weekend and I am ecstatic about both rides. 

Both Lindsey and Lance  worked as hard as they could moment to moment; half halt to half halt. 

To those reading this that are athletes; to be able to sustain an all out effort both physically and mentally in competition is the ultimate goal.  To leave nothing “on the field” and give it your very best is the most any athlete can do and any coach can expect.  As always, Lindsey gave it her all and left nothing in the warm up ring.

Now add a 1400lb animal with thoughts and ideas of his own to the mix.  We train daily to develop the skills and physical ability of our horses but one of the most important things we train for is to develop their minds for the work.  We train Lance to act as part of a team so when Lindsey tells him “the tough must get going” he is mentally able to respond and “get going”! 

Now add to the weekend the difficulty of this level of work.  Grand Prix work is a big milestone to a dressage horse and rider.  To be able to put this all together the way Lindsey and Lance did this weekend at the Grand Prix level is so amazingly wonderful!!  

The comments from the judge at C from the Grand Prix Special pretty much sums up where we are right now…

“What a super team!  This is a lovely horse.  When he develops stronger engagement for the ability of self carriage, we will see much higher scores”

We are hitting the right training markers for this fall; getting ready for the CDIs in California this winter. 

Lance, Grand Prix Special

Lance, Grand Prix Special

Lance and Lindsey

Lance and Lindsey

Thanks Paula Meehan for the lovely photos!!!

So…Alberta show season over, California show season ahead. 

Do your Best 3

It’s all about striving for excellence, dotting the “i”s and crossing the “t”s and doing it everyday, everyday, everyday.  Management and planning.

Off to feed my very special horses…


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