Learning, always learning something

I don’t think I’ve ever attended a dressage clinic where I didn’t learn something.  Some clinics I learned quite a bit, some not so much.  This clinic…I learned a lot and now my brain is very, very tired.

Shannon Peters was here this weekend.  And now my brain is so filled with concepts and exercises and solutions.  Though now thinking about it…this is quite reministic of a normal day at Arroyo Del Mar from the last 4 winters!







So many thank yous…to Linda and Isabella (the best barn staff in the world!!), to Greg and Peter and Barb (for managing the very difficult lunch logistics at the house), to The Good Oven Bakery (for all the gluten-free goodies), to Ivars (even though he wasn’t home, he put together so many details before he left, he made my life so easy this weekend!), to all the auditors (for being so patient about the long walk from the parking paddock and the one busy bathroom in the barn!!!), to Lindsey for the expert rides (especially the 3 back to back rides starting at 6am Sunday morning!!), to Casey and Deanna and Cheryl and Kim (for letting us watch and learn as they applied new ideas and techniques to each ride) and to Shannon…thank you, thank you, thank you…for being so generous and patient to teach us how to explain the very difficult concepts to our horses about how we can ride in lightness and ease and sensitivity.  Happy horses, happy riders, happy coaches.

Off to my horses and a great new day!!!





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  1. Ugh…I need to add 2 very important thank yous!!! Thank you to Dana (another “best staff in the world”) and to Paula Meehan for all the wonderful photos!!! Thank you!!!

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