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It’s almost Friday!!!!

Comfort zone

We are about to be moved out of our comfort zone and make some magic happen!!!


Shannon Peters Clinic 

We are excited to have Shannon’s clinic dates finally so close!


Friday (open to audit by clinic riders only)

3 – 5pm     Shannon will work with Lindsey and Vickie  (Lance, Fred and William)


Saturday (open to all auditors)

9am Casey Dermott, Avatar (FEI 5 yr old)

9:45 Jenifer Parks, Ravir(7 yr old, Third Level)

10:30 Lindsey Stroh, Fadora (Inter 2)

11:15 Deanna Cullen, Fausto (FEI 5 yr old)

Noon to 1pm     Lunch

1pm Kim Aasman, Wind Walker (PSG, Inter1)

1:45 Lindsey Stroh, Lancelot (Grand Prix)

2:30 Cheryl Roberts, Luna (Third Level)

3:15 Lindsey Stroh, William (PSG, Inter 1)

4:00 Wrap up.


Sunday (open to all auditors)

6am William

6:30 Fadora

7:15 Lancelot

8am Jenifer

8:45 Casey

9:30 Deanna

10:15 Cheryl

11am Kim

11:45 Wrap up.



  • Lunch will be available (Sat), $10 (soup, sandwiches, salad) (vegetarian, gluten free options will be available)
  • Coffee, tea and water (and gluten free muffins!!!!) available (if you have a favorite cup, pls bring it along!!)
  • If you have a portable, comfortable chair available, bring it along
  • Bring note paper and a pen
  • The riders will ride with headsets to clearly hear Shannon and the auditors will be able hear her teach through the arena speakers
  • Flying Colours now works only on cell phones so add this number to your contact list (in case you get lost and need directions J)  780.361.7062


“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.”


Till Friday…

Vickie (off to my to-do lists)


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