We’ve gone digital!!!…sorta…

780.361.7062…that’s the number

As I raced for and didn’t answer the upteenth “You have won a cruise!!” telephone call at the barn and the house; a question started floating around in my head…”Why do we have telephone land lines?”  The only reason I could come up with was “Cause we alway have?…”.  And I thought “Do we need land lines?”…and came up with

“I don’t think we do?????”

So I’ve disconected both land lines at the house and the barn!!

Now we are fully contactable…send us a text message, send a photo, send a video, even call us!!!!  All doable!!  Yeah smart phones!!

780.361.7062 mine

780.361.9703 Ivars

Mack and Cali chillaxin' on the back deck.

Mack and Cali chillaxin’ on the back deck.

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