This is big…

I’ve been feeding horses for about 25 years.  My horses look great and work hard.

But the change in all of them with Genesis Organic Horse feed is stunning.

I really don’t know how to put the change into words…it’s really big.

Maria McDowell from Muscle Matters worked on them yesterday.  She worked on Lance, Fred and William and found very little she had to deal with.   These horses are all working very hard and working very well.  It’s rare to have all three horses so asymptomatic for Maria.  Hard working horses normally have something for her to work out.   Her words for the change are “the tissue all feels so clean”.  She was worried I would “feed her out of a job!”.

This is such a subjective judgement on the overall condition of my horses but I’m always making management decisions for improvement in our training program.

This is big…really big.

Here’s the link to the American dealer’s website…lots of information…

This is big..

In Canada it is shipped in 50 lb bags.

Off to feed breakfast…


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