Ok…Genesis Organic Horse Feed…love it!!!

We started the switch to non-GMO, organic horse feed about one month ago.  I’ve been transitioning to the new feed slowly.  It is quite a switch for my guys as they have been on a concentrated feed for many years.  We should be totally on Genesis by the end of the month.



They all love the feed!  Even the very pickiest eaters are digging in to their feed tubs.

The biggest change is in the overall shape of my horses.  Both Lindsey and I commented last week on how fit Lance is looking .  And then I looked at the rest of them.  They are changing shape..more muscle , more muscle definition and tighter under lines!  Even Lance is loosing his big, saggy tummy.

Now I know this is a very subjective observation but I know my guys pretty well.  Nothing much has changed in their environment to produce this change in their muscling.  If anything the June bloom of green grass around here would tend to add a layer of fat to everyone’s outline but no, we are not seeing that at all.

Their work levels each day has not changed…we are still working very hard!  But the work is now producing a more fit horse!  Are the proteins in Genesis more available to them to convert to muscle with the same work?  Is there less stomach inflammation while digesting Genesis and now their systems are getting healthier to better able to produce a better athlete?

Lance's Grand Prix test last weekend.

Lance’s Grand Prix test last weekend.



I don’t know the reason or reasons why they are looking better and working better to their potentials but I am very pleased!  Very pleased.

Off to feed breakfast…Genesis Organic Horse Feed!!!


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