We’ve done it…we’ve gone organic!

Okay…I’ve thought about this for a long time.  Organic makes sense for my family so organic should make sense for my horses.  And then I start thinking; “Oh dear…that really is overkill.  My horses are fine with a well thought out feed program and with “organic” hay and “organic” grass in their turnout…right?…right”.

Till this study was released last week…


The GMO problem in Canada is not quite at the same level as the US but it is now on my “scary” list.  This study with pigs; and it is good science; shows a significant increase in stomach inflammation and it put me over the edge.  The management around here is to reduce inflammation.  That means reducing inflammation in everything I can influence with well thought out decisions from pasture management to feed programs and everything in between.

So I’m re-doing my feed program from the ground up 🙂 .  Genesis Organic Horse Feed ticks all the boxes and I will slowly be transitioning all my horse to full organic by the end of the summer.  I’m sure they will be happier…I know I will!!!

Flying Colours Dressage is now the distributors for Genesis Organic Horse Feed for Alberta.


Unloading our first load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed...

Unloading our first load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed…

We now have Genesis in stock so if you would like to try a bag let us know!!!!  780.352.0007  Genesis Organic Horse Feed is $37.00/50 lb bag (plus GST).

Off to the barn 🙂 ,


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