A very lovely weekend…I love my job…

Lindsey’s horses had the weekend off…they needed it!  We had a most successful week of work last week and they were all were very tired.  48 hours of rest and down time was the only thing on their schedules all weekend.

Lance and William took full advantage of their days off and after coming in from their hour of turnout they slept the morning away, oblivious to all the activity in the barn aisle…

William having a good snooze...

William having a good snooze…

And the same in Lance's stall...

And the same in Lance’s stall…

Fred got to stay out in her paddock for the morning as she is not the pudgy part of the FCS team and was enjoying some extra grazing time in the sunshine.

All the horses out in their paddocks got some extra stimulation Saturday as the MS bike ride went by the farm all morning.  Zorro was the cutest…he stood there watching bike after bike, amazed by each one.  There were a lot of bikers that stopped and took photos…I’m guessing a lot of them don’t get out of the city often to get up close and personal with farm life.  It was a wonderful morning for everyone, equine and biker.

MS Ride

The boys in my family (Ivars and Greg) spent the weekend on Cold Lake fishing lake trout.  The 5th wheel (or fish-wheel, as Mack has re-named it) worked well, as well as the operation of having to tow the boat behind the rig.  We set up a baby monitor in the back window of the fish-wheel so the guys could watch the boat from the truck as they headed down the road.  It worked like a charm and they picked up a loose tie down on the boat and solved the problem before it became serious…that alone paid for the baby monitor in spades!!!

The "Fish-wheel"...hitching the boat behind...next job...

The “Fish-wheel”…hitching the boat behind…next job…

Today starts another busy week and week 3 barefoot!!!  Dan Sullivan (our farrier extraordinaire!!!) is here on Thursdays so I’ll ask him to have a peek at the state of their feet…they all look good and are moving super!

Off to a rainy, windy day but first this morning, Pilates with Lindsey!!!  Yeah!!!





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