A later start to the day…

Today will be a later start around here.

Lindsey keeping up a punishing schedulefor May…riding, teaching and Pilates.  Today is her late day teaching Pilates in Camrose so we’ll start her morning here a bit later.

The outdoor rings look great for riding so hopefully we can get out there soon.  Unfortunately the mosquitos have hatched…ugh!!!  They were out in force last night;  fingers crossed they are not around during the day or we’ll be in the indoor for a while yet!  Break out the bug spray girls, we’re headed outdoors!!!

The horses are all going great and working very hard.  Fred is working out the concept of connection; learning how to react quicker to the forward aids to produce a correct connection.  William is also working on a more honest connection (really William is working on a non-questioning forward reaction !!).  Lance is cleaning up a slight lean to the left to produce a more honest right hind reaction.  Details, details, details.  They are all working so hard.

I love my job.  I am so thankful.

The sun is up so I’m off to our later start time for the morning.


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