Our day off…

The horses had the day off Saturday so we finished early at the barn and did this..

We took this…

Hitched and ready to go...

Hitched and ready to go…

and drove south…

Ahhhh...the Rockies

Ahhhh…the Rockies

and stopped here (of course) for tea…

Timmies in Cochrane...

Timmies in Cochrane…

and parked here for the night…

Tunnel Mountain campground

Tunnel Mountain campground

We then went here…

Downtown Banff


then got hungry and went here…

Banff Centre (Inspiring Creativity, amazing concept, amazing locale)

Banff Centre (Inspiring Creativity, amazing concept in an amazing locale)

and because of great reviews, ate here….

3 Ravens restaurant...utterly amazing.

3 Ravens restaurant…utterly amazing.

Enjoying dinner

Enjoying dinner


Ivars, relaxing 

We had a wonderful mountain breakfast the next morning and then headed home.  Ahhh…Alberta!!!!

A small break in a busy month…

Off to the barn, horses to be fed…













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