The Rythms of Home…

Our second weekend home; the weather is promising warm and sunny.

Today the horses get the day off.  Day off for them is turnout for a couple of hours in their paddocks and then a short, quiet hand walk.  They’ll have a very nice day.

Lindsey has the day off as well.  Well maybe not a day off, as yard work at home for her and Peter is on the list of things to do for this sunny Saturday.  A beautiful day to be puttering out in your own backyard!  Ahh, the joys of home ownership…

The spring catch up list is getting shorter around here at the farm.  Looks like I may have to break out the lawn mower this week but everything else is right on track for getting up and running for summer.

Summer; a long time coming this year and now  loving it.

Off to a relaxing, warm day on the farm,


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