Friday, Friday, Friday…

Our first week back at home has worked out beautifully.  It’s quite a juggling act around here…between Lindsey and my crazy daily schedules; springtime work around the farm and the piles of work that has backed up in my office while we were away…we got ‘er done!

Early morning turnout for Fred, Lance and William.

Early morning turnout for Fred, Lance and William.

Because the sun rises so wonderfully early in the summer, I can turn the horses out before the girls arrive for work.  They can get an hour or so outdoors in their paddocks before we start riding.  They then come in relaxed and happy and ready for work.

Linda, Lance and Fred...

Linda, Fred and Lance…

Lance, Wednesday

Lance, Wednesday

We have been riding in the indoor all week but both outdoor rings look great and we should be able to get outside next week.

We’ve added a walk session to each of their day’s schedules, hand walk or under saddle, (trying to re-create the daily treadmill time we were used to at Arroyo).  Our whole farm is on undulating, small sand hills…great for daily walk work, great for keeping them fit while grazing in turnout.

Yesterday was a walk day for all three and today is a full work day.

Off to start my wonderful Friday…



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