Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Thank you so much for all your wonderful birthday wishes.  They added such a wonderful feelings to the day as I read each message!

The day started with a spectacular sunrise and just got better and better.  My horses are home and happy.  And turned out…  A big gallop, some bucking (well, the bucking portion of the morning turnout was only in William’s paddock), a wonderfully satisfying roll for each of them and then down to some serious grazing.  There is not much grass out yet so they had to be very serious about the grazing part of the morning.  They were out for an hour or so and then back to their boxes for a nap.  It was a long trip back but they are wonderfully happy and healthy and will be back to work tomorrow.

I spent the day happily working in my barn, (so glad to be home :)) cleaning up and organizing the trailer (unpacking horse stuff and people stuff) and cooking and puttering about in my kitchen (did I mention it feels go to be home???!!!).  We had my birthday dinner with old friends, sitting on the deck in the late evening sun, sipping wine and catching up on the last couple of months.  Life is so good.

So turning 59 is a wonderful thing.  Family, friends and horses…very, very wonderful…

Now it’s off to the four year old’s birthday today here at the farm!!!!!


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