The surrealness of sitting in my favorite chair, enjoying a large mug of tea and watching the sun come up…

Yesterday’s morning sound of the waves crashing against the sand that I heard while indulging my morning ritual is replaced today by the chirping of the chickadees outside the window and of the furnace firing up to keep the house toasty and warm.

Very surreal.

This year our trip back home was a quick plane flight rather than several days driving.  On reflection, the drive home was an incredibly valuable time to assess and consolidate the ideas and learning of the past months.  This year’s reflect time will be without the distraction of driving.

Lindsey and Peter are leaving Arroyo this morning and will be in Las Vegas today.  Tomorrow night the plan is to be in Idaho Falls and then home on Friday night.  I will breathe a lot easier when they are all home safe and tucked into their beds.

The snow pile at the end of the walk this morning.

The snow pile at the end of the walk this morning.

The weather is going to be a bit chilly today and then warm up considerably.  The snow pile should be gone in a couple of days…if not, the kids can sled on it at Mack’s birthday party on Sunday :).

Off to refill my mug of tea…


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