Waaaait, waaait, waait…

“Almost there; not quite ready.”

So we’ll wait to step back into the Grand Prix ring.

We had a lesson with Shannon in the warm up ring yesterday and made the decision to scratch the test for this morning.  Close but not there yet.

We took him back to Arroyo last night and will give him Saturday and Sunday off.   We’ll then have Monday and Tuesday to school with Shannon before the trip home.  Better to have 2 more good lessons with Shannon than one mediocre test Saturday and a too tired horse for lessons next week.

Lance, yesterday

Lance, yesterday

Peter and Ivars had a short ride on the bikes yesterday and have a long cycle planned for today.  Lindsey and I will be at Arroyo early this morning to deal with the horses before heading to a “Cardio” Pilates class. Then we’re back to the beach house to get ready to attend Ravel’s retirement celebration tonight at the show at the Fairgrounds.  I’m sure there won’t be a dry eye anywhere in the crowds of Ravel fans tonight.  A great horse, a great rider and great results.

Off to Arroyo…



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