It’s Friday!!!

Yesterday, after feeding Lance at the show grounds, we were at Arroyo to ride Fred and William.  They were both superstars!  Lindsey knocked it outta the park and rode so effectively on both horses.  Wonderful work.  We were back at the show for the late morning classes and had a lesson on Lance with Shannon.  Today will be the same schedule.

We made a team decision not to show Lance in Friday morning’s Grand Prix class.  The work is not quite “show ready”…almost, so close, but not quite there yet.  He’s being a sweetheart and trying his best but asking him to work all the GP movements at this quality is just going to take a little more time.  After today’s lesson we’ll make a decision about tomorrow’s class.  He’s that close….

Lance yesterday

Lance yesterday

Lance in piaffe yesterday

Lance in piaffe yesterday

Lance and Linds

Lance and Linds

Peter had a work day in LA yesterday.  He got back early enough to get a short ride on the bike.  Ivars arrives today!!!  Peter will pick him up from the airport and then they’ll head to Nytro to pick up Ivars’ rental bike.  Then back to the beach house to change and mount up for a ride on the 101 Coast Hwy.  The weekend weather forecast is for warm, sunny weather…they’re going to have a great time on the bikes!!!  (We’re going to a Pilates class while they’re riding!!)

Another amazing day ahead…and Ivars arrives today!!!!!




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