So much to do, so little time…

We are trying to cram as much learning as we can into each day…

Our horses are going well.  The work we set out to tackle this spring, with Shannon’s help, is perfectly online and coming along beautifully.  All three horses couldn’t have learned faster, developed quicker or be happier than they have been this spring.  And Lindsey…well she has been superwoman…learned so much, applied it so well and maintained a balance in her life in our intense spring training 2 months.

We are, as usual, working hard in each lesson daily with Shannon but we are also spending time discussing the plans for our summer and fall work at home.  We feel ready and confident to take on the move to the next level and really are a bit excited to head home and get at it.  Thank you Shannon, thank you so much.

Lance yesterday.  He was a good boy!

Lance yesterday. He was a good boy!

Lance and Linds

Lance and Linds

William yesterday

William yesterday

And a very tired Fred yesterday.

And a very tired Fred yesterday.

Greg and Phaedra

Greg and Phaedra

It was the kids last day night with us so we walked to Jake’s for dinner.  We had a great dinner and the kids caught the sunset on the way home.  (they look just fine after their Floatation Spa experience!)  They head north tomorrow with the little car.  They should be back in Alberta for Mack’s 4th birthday next week.

Lance leaves for the show today and Fred and William will stay at Arroyo.  We’ll ride Lance at the show grounds each day and work Fred and William at Arroyo.  Arroyo is only about 15 minutes away from the show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds so riding all three at two different venues is quite doable.

Big day around here today…Peter is here this afternoon!  He has rented a bike from Nytro and the weather for the week looks great.  Lots of cycling time ahead!

Off to an early start…gonna be a great day!!!


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