Last week at Arroyo

It was a busy day at the barn yesterday, everyone getting ready for the Del Mar show.  Lots of lessons, lots of planning and packing.

Steffen arrived home to a great round of applause as he walked into the stable.  Congrats Steffen, well done!!!!  Betty was leaping and bouncing…her Steffen was home!

Betty...waiting for Steffen...

Betty…waiting for Steffen…

While we were busy at the stable, the truck was getting a check up and ready for the trip home.  One new glo plug and the exhast fluid topped up and the truck is ready for the big trek back home!  Thanks Emma and Hanna for the lift to the Ranch!!

We left the Greg and Phaedra at home to plan their day.  Surfing and more practicing hill starts in the car were on the list.  They got both accomplished and had a blast.

Surf boards in the yard

Surf boards in the yard

Phaedra got a bit of a sunburn…ahhh, silly Canadians….

Our surfer girl (she'll be tanned today...)

Our surfer girl (she’ll be tanned today…)

Today is Greg and Phaedra’s last day here in San Diego and they are going to hit the beach again this morning and then head to downtown San Diego for the afternoon.  They both have sessions booked at Float Spa San Diego (sensory deprivation tanks).  I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk about at dinner tonight…or they both might be so relaxed out they’ll be asleep before sunset?  The full Southern California experience for both of them today!!!!!

For us the day is again, horses…more horses!  Lance and Fred will have lessons with Shannon, William will have a light work day.  At the end of the day we are going to set up Lance’s stall at the show grounds and hopefully get in a Reformer class at Club Pilates.

Peter arrives tomorrow and Ivars on Friday 🙂 🙂 :).

Off to another wonderful day at Arroyo!


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