Kids, dogs and horses…and oh yeah…the zoo!

We had a great weekend.

Aleks and Neil were here this weekend  with Rosie and Sam.  Everyone loves the beach.  Or should I say, someone really LOVES the beach.  Rosie sat at the door each morning waiting for some human to take her to the beach…”Now???…Please????”.

Greg and Phaedra flew in on Friday and we all enjoyed a wonderful day at the zoo on Saturday.  The San Diego Zoo must see in Southern California.  We’ve done it a couple of ways; first, with strollers and babies.  Strollers and babies involves a lot of running and climbing and “Oh yeah…there’s a monkey”.  No babies this time, just adult kids.  So this time we booked a zoo tour.  The zoo has several themed tours and are sooo worth the time and money.  The tour is a personalized drive around the zoo with a zoo keeper.  It includes lots of inside information about the history of the zoo and the animals and we missed most of the line ups for the popular exhibits.  So interesting, so enjoyable.  It put a smile on the faces of our two family biologists for sure!

San Diego Zoo, Saturday

San Diego Zoo, Saturday

Aleks and Neil and the dogs left yesterday.  They stopped at Arroyo on their way out-of-town and got a tour of the farm and watched Lindsey ride William.  William is definitely our “family” stallion.  He was born and raised at Flying Colours and the kids all remember what a cute foal he was.  So getting to watch him as he grow up is part of our family story for sure!  Aleks, Neil and the dogs were all back in Scottsdale for dinner on Sunday.

Greg and Phaedra have now officially taken over the keys of the little car.  Now they have to practice “hill starts” on a standard transmission and listening to the GPS as they negotiate big city traffic.  They’ll have it down pat by the time they head north on Wednesday. (Phaedra’s coaching Greg as her car at home is a standard 🙂 ) They have a wonderful itinerary planned for their trip home; hiking, museums, wine tasting and lots and lots of beautiful vistas.  It sounds like a great way to start the summer!

Lindsey and I are gearing up for the Del Mar show this weekend.  Lance is entered in this show at Grand Prix and he’s almost ready to really turn it on.  We’ll take him to the show grounds and test out the buttons on the turbo chargers.  He’s soooo close!!!!

Peter arrives on Wednesday and Ivars flies in on Friday.  We are both so excited to see our guys but have hit the reality of the end of our journey and that we are heading home in a week.

This is our 4th year here and it has been the best time ever.  At so many levels.  The beach house, the family, the friends; but most importantly…the work.  With Shannon’s expert eye on the ground, so many things have clicked into place with Lindsey’s riding and now the results are materializing in each horse.  And with Shannon’s wise and clear instruction to me, she has given me so much more insight into the basics of the work.  So exciting.  Thank you Shannon.  Thank you.

And finally for this morning’s thoughts…

A huge congrats to Steffen Peters and Legolas; 2nd place in Hagen Germany; Grand Prix Freestyle at the Horses & Dreams CDI4*. 79.500%!!!! (1st place, 79.575!) Whoo hoo!!!! Yeah Steffen!!!!  The same marks and better from California, to Florida to Germany!!!  Steffen you are the man!!!!

Now, off to Arroyo, Laaaaance, there’s a show this weekend!!!


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