Let’s re-name William…

Lets’s call him Peter Pan…

I won’t grow up,
 I won’t grow up
 I don’t want to go to school.
 I don’t want to go to school
 Just to learn to be a parrot,
 Just to learn to be a parrot
 And recite a silly rule.
 And recite a silly rule.”

William spent last summer on sick leave.  He had a bad case of re-occurring scratches…all summer.  It was not a good year for our “Baby William”.  Finally in October, the vets found the right combination of antibiotics, immune boosters and anti inflammatories and we got ahead of the condition.  He was back at work for only a couple of weeks before he got on the trailer to come to Arroyo.

So William has been on the “get fit now” program from the moment he stepped off the trailer here!  He’s been doing great and getting fitter and stronger each day.

So now we have a “work like a big boy” lesson with Shannon and Peter Pan shows up!  🙂  “Oh well buddy.  Everyone must grow up if they are going to be a Grand Prix horse someday”.  It was a great lesson.  Lindsey got all the work done and eventually William showed his cute little face in the arena again.  Got the job done and kept a happy horse!!

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others” – Virginia Woolf

Lance and Lindsey had a lesson with Shannon later in the morning.  It was super successful.  “Move the ribcage, keep the legs on the same track”.  Sounds easy?  But not so easy.

Volte, volte, volte

Volte, volte, volte

Fred had a stretchy ride and will be ready to ride with Shannon today.

We finished the day off with a Pilates class and a quick run to Costco for supplies.

Another amazing day of learning yesterday and more to come today!!!

Off to Arroyo,


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