Back to San Diego tomorrow… :)

Everything has settled down around here…Ivars’ health has normalized, the kids are once again all busy with exams and work and the grandbabies are growing and learning and bringing joy to everyone.

I am flying back to San Diego tomorrow morning.  I am so looking forward to getting back up to speed with Shannon and Lindsey and our 3 horses.  The reports I’m getting from Arroyo are quite exciting and it’ll be a blast to get back at it!

Ivars will join us in California for the last week of April so our Skype account will get quite a workout in April.  (I’m sure my Telus bill this month won’t be a pretty sight either)  🙂

Ivars will be back in Del Mar in 25 sleeps...

Ivars will be back in Del Mar in 25 sleeps…


Greg and Mack, snowman building at Easter dinner at Mongomery's

Greg and Mack, snowman building, Easter dinner at Montgomery’s

(Easter dinner on Sunday was great and it really was warm enough for short sleeves in the snow!)

Lindsey and I will trade-off horse care this weekend as she is coming back to Edmonton to teach a 3 day clinic.  The horses will get a weekend off from riding and be ready for next week’s work with Linds and Shannon.

Off to work out this morning (the babies will be here soon for an all day  ‘Amma Day!!!),


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