Ahhhh…a boring week…

Ivars spent a humdrum, ordinary week at work.  That is a wonderful sentance…for him and all the rest of us.

Other than an early morning appointment before work yesterday at the U of A hospital for some more tests, the week has been very ordinary.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’ve spent the week playing with the grandbabies, catching up with things at the house and throughly enjoying the spring sunshine at the farm.

Lance and Lindsey are schooling at the San Juan Capistrano show with Shannon.  By all reports, (thanks Barb for manning the camera!) the schooling is going very well.  I’ll catch up on all the details next week.

Ivars is going to get back on his bike today.  Back to training for the date he has with Peter next month for a couple of hours on their bikes in the sunshine.

Life is getting back to ordinary…


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