Looking back…

Yesterday I had a shower, worked out and shoveled the walk.  Normal mundane, day to day tasks that I was sure would never be normal or mundane ever again.

Saturday morning, while working around the farm, Ivars collapsed.

Isabella and Linda found him almost immediately.  Issy called 911 while Linda kept him safe on top of the hay stack while waiting for the ambulance.  Linda and the ambulance team got him to the Wetaskiwin hospital where Kirsten met them.  Stars helicopter was called and after a CAT scan and stabilizing they flew him to Edmonton.  Greg and Phaedra met him in ICU.

I was in San Diego.  With Curtis and Lindsey’s help, I found a flight out of Los Angeles to Edmonton.  Curtis and Barb drove me to LAX and I arrived in Edmonton Saturday evening.  Andrew met me at the airport and we both sped to the U of Alberta hospital.

The team at the ICU had kept Ivars sedated all day and they decided to wake him up that evening.  After a day of tests, they still did not know why he collapsed.  Waking him up would be the next step.  He woke up and in his orderly, accurate way proceeded to explain to us all the events before he collapsed.  He then came up with a preliminary diagnosis (and it seems now the most likely) and wanted to be released.  That evening the ICU doctors ordered more tests.  I left for home once he was sleeping to change my California clothes for head-to-toe fleece(it was -22) and pick up a change of clothes for him.  They discharged him in the morning.  He spent Sunday resting at home and catching up with friends and family.  Then of course he went to work on Monday.

We were truly blessed on Saturday.

The outcome of Saturday morning’s incidence could easily have been very tragic.  Thanks to Issy and Linda, who were in the right spot at the right time.  Thanks to Linda’s training and her execution, the wait for the ambulance was textbook.  Thanks to the excellent care in Wetaskiwin; ambulance, ER, hospital, Stars; the preparation before and then the trip to the U of Alberta Hospital was stellar.  Thanks to the staff in the ICU at the U (once Ivars was awake, the staff found us quite boring actually).  It’s not easy to treat a physician and they were amazing.  Thanks to Greg, Phaedra and Kirsten who took such good care of Dad while I was in flight over the Rockies.  And thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers this weekend.  We are truly blessed.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Ivars is back at work, back on his bike and looking forward to cycling with Peter in Del Mar at the end of April.  (I think the re-do on the Torrey Pines hill will have to wait till next year though!)  I will be back at Arroyo next week and am looking forward to catching up on all the stuff Lindsey and Shannon have been working on this week.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying breakfast with my husband, making plans for Easter with the kids and counting my blessings.


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