The very wonderful, very best day…

I definitely have the easiest job on the FCS team.

I work hard to learn and understand and file away each concept in each lesson.  Shannon has to work very hard to pass the concepts on to Lindsey and Lance (or William or Fred) and I  in each lesson.  And Lindsey has to listen and understand and apply each concept on very large, very powerful (and sometimes not so smart…Lance has other redeeming qualities :)) exuberantly moving horses.  Lindsey has the hardest job on the team.  Thank you Lindsey, thank you Shannon.  It was a wonderful day yesterday.

Technical bits…that slow, less responsive right side has to move up and not shift left.  Ninja legs Linds, ninja legs…

Lance yesterday in the big jumper ring.

Lance yesterday in the big jumper ring.



William's second lesson with Shannon yesterday.

William’s second lesson with Shannon yesterday.





Brian and Jayne are visiting from home.  They drove in from the desert and caught the last bit of William’s lesson yesterday afternoon.  It was so great to see them!   We met them after our Pilates class for an early dinner at Urban Plates in Del Mar and caught up on news from home.  With the GPS coordinates to Mary’s Tack Shop hot in hand, we pointed them to one of a rider’s delights in San Diego!  After spending the night here in Del Mar, they will be back this morning at Arroyo to watch Lindsey ride Lance and Fred with Shannon.

Today is a day off for Pilates for Lindsey and I.  And we need a day off!!!  We have been working out hard and are being smart and taking today as a Pilates rest day.

Off to Arroyo, it’s going to be another great day!!!


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