And the training continues…week three

Lance and Fred yesterday.  (No photos of William yesterday ’cause sometimes I find it hard to coach and snap photos at the same time!  (Really?…I forgot the camera in the tie stall!))

All three horses, straighter, more closed, quicker…









It was another amazing day yesterday!

On schedule today, Wednesday…William and Lance will ride with Shannon and Fred will have a long stretchy walk day.

Camera issues…ugh.  I have been using this slick little Casio compact camera for the last 3 or so years.  Video and 40 frames per second.  Perfect for training reviews each night when we get home and perfect for having daily photos for the blog.  My little camera friend is having issues :(.  Darn.  It’s having big issues reading to the card and switching between video and photos.  Guess it’s time to replace it…Ugh!!!  Researching and choosing the right replacement camera and then figuring out all the bells and whistles so it’s easy for use each day  I guess I’ve got to find some time in the schedule for camera shopping and camera use practise…double ugh.

Off to the stable,


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