Learning, learning, learning…

Training, training, training…

Shannon Peters is amazing.  I know I’ve mentioned this before but OMG with a pancake…Shannon has it going on!!!!

Technical bits…to get more power and activation from the hindquarters the horse must stay out of the shoulder.  He won’t stay out of the shoulder if he’s even the teeniest bit crooked.  For the horse to move forward in true collection he must move forward straight.

Oh my goodness…okay, drum roll and get out the dressage international dressage lament…”This is haaaaarrrrdddd!!!”  Of course it’s hard silly billy…if it wasn’t hard we’d all be riding Grand Prix horses!

Okay, like everyone else, I thought I understood this straightness concept.  Well, no (as Shannon so expertly advised us) you have only touched the surface of straight.  And Shannon then walked us through the exercises needed to explain this missing tidbit to our horses.  (insert once again…”This is haarrdd!!”)  It’s hard for the rider to be this accurate (yeah Lindsey, you are kickin’ it!!!) and so hard for the horse to find the balance to move straight and stay straight.   It requires concentration, submission and an amazing amount of strength to move correctly around the arena.

Thank you Shannon once again for being so generous and empathic with your instruction.  Your knowledge base in dressage far exceeds your years.  It’s amazing what you tell us every lesson, our job is to listen with our ears wide open…

Our "not so Fat Boy" testing the straight buttons

Our “not so Fat Boy” testing the Grand Prix straight buttons

We ended the day getting our butts kicked again in a Reformer class.  Nice.

Today is Ali and Brayden’s last day at the beach house :(.  We’re going to miss them.  They head back to Calgary tomorrow.  Hopefully the sand toys and kites will get a good workout today!

Off to Arroyo for us…


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