A wonderfully slow, low key day.

Yesterday we started the day with a great Pilates Reformer class.  Innovative, interesting and just tough enough to be a whole body workout without causing too much pain today.  Nice.

Arroyo is so quiet on Sundays and yesterday was no exception.  Quiet days are great for some slow concentrated time with our horses.  Fred and Lance went for a long walk around the farm with Lindsey.  While not in work intensity, they had to concentrate and deeply stretch.  Good for them on so many levels.  Along with his stretch walk, William had to put a little more effort into his day yesterday and he had a light workout.  (He had a light day on Friday and a day off with the other two on Saturday.)

The sun came out by the time we got home so we all had a long walk on the beach and then some down time on the patio at the beach house.

Lance and Lindsey

Lance and Lindsey

Lance and Linds, finishing their walk

Lance and Linds, finishing their walk

Pre-requisite "beach toes" shot but with a twist.  "Beach toes" at the beach house.

Pre-requisite “beach toes” shot but with a twist. “Beach toes” at the beach house.

Today will be lessons with Shannon on Fred and Lance then we have a Pilates class booked on the way home.  Barb, Curtis, Alison and Brayden are planning a day on the train!  They are going to take the Coaster to downtown and then the trolley around Old Town San Diego.  Brayden is so excited!!!

Thanks again for all the questions!  Post any questions to the blog or email me at flngclrs@incentre.net.  We will put together a Q and A blog at the end of the month.

Off to the stable,


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