Marine layer…like living in a cloud

Day off for the horses yesterday started with a Yoga Melt class for Barb and I.  🙂  Lindsey and Alison headed to the beach for a boot camp workout led by Lindsey.  They finished their workout at the Del Mar playground ’cause the 3 yr old (Brayden) who “really wanted to come along”, needed a “climb on the jungle gym” break.  (and Linds and Al didn’t want to get arrested for child abuse “Come on Brayden, run faster, we’re almost there!!!”.)

Lindsey and I then headed to the stable to handle our horses for their day off.  They were all on the treadmill and vibe plate, got fed and groomed and put back in their box stalls.  Today’s work for Fred and Lance will be a  long walk with a big stretch.  William has had a couple of rest days, Friday and Saturday, so he’ll get a bit more of a work out today.  The treadmill and vibe plate still on the schedule for all three.

The rest of yesterday was spent relaxing at the beach house for all of us.  A day at the beach house is a much different experience with this marine layer weather than a day at the beach house with the sunshine.  Though beach combing for sea shells, running in the waves and reading on the patio (bundled up in fleece) are still very doable.  The only thing we really miss are the sunsets.  Fingers crossed the sun will come out soon!!!

Today Linds and I will start the day with a Pilates class at 8am then we’re off to the stable.


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