Saturday = day off!!!

My goodness, what a week.

Thank you Shannon Peters for the most amazing week of learning.

Thank you Lindsey Stroh for working so hard to apply the difficult concepts so generously taught by Shannon.

And thank you Lance, Fred and William for being who you are and coming along on this very intense journey.

I am very grateful and very happy.

Lance, Friday

Lance, Friday



Fred, Friday

Fred, Friday



William had a walk day on Friday…he was very thankful yesterday as well :).

The technical bits from yesterday…”the horses must step more honestly to the bit in a positive nature”.  I’m smiling! Lovely work!!!

We finished the day with an excellent Pilates Reformer class.  Thanks Melanie!!!

The horses have the day off  today so we’ll start the day with a Yoga Melt class then head to the stable. Then it’s treadmill and the vibe plate for each of them and maybe a hand walk around the farm.  The hand walking depends on whether they want to be handled or they may just want to have a nap day their stalls :).

Off to Melt!!


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