“TGIF” says Lance…

Lance worked really hard yesterday.  He dug very deep and had a great morning.  His muscles were firing on all cylinders and his brain was smoking.  It takes a lot of muscle power to be a good Grand Prix horse and really takes a lot of brain power as well!  Brain power is not Lance’s strong point (they all have a strong suit!!) but he tried and tried to figure stuff out yesterday and we were very proud of him!  He’s dreaming of his day off on Saturday!!!

William had his first lesson with Shannon yesterday and he did very well.  Fred had a walk day yesterday so she’ll take the lesson spot with Shannon today.

Lance, yesterday

Lance, yesterday



William yesterday, lesson with Shannon

William yesterday, lesson with Shannon

Thank you for your questions!  I’ll put together a Q and A blog at the end of the month.  And even answer all the questions of the amazingly wonderful boyfriend, Peter…

Off to the barn, Pilates in the afternoon,



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