Good Morning San Diego!!!

We have guests visiting this week!

Lindsey’s sister Alison and her 3 yr old son Brayden are visiting from Calgary and boy o boy did they pick a great week to be in San Diego.  The weather for the last couple of days has been sunny and warm.  The agenda for Brayden has included finding lotsa shells on the beach, running in the waves and flying his Buzz Lightyear kite with Gram and Papa.  Yesterday was the “Fish Place” ( Birch Aquarium at Scripps) and today is the San Diego Zoo.

Today we will all experience the dreaded “Marine Layer” weather phenom.  All sorts of weather lingo happens…inversion, warm upper layer, etc, etc and then we get to live in a wet, thick cloud for a couple of days.  Nothing drys, you get a major case of “crazy hair” and you need and coat and a scarf to get through the day.  Spring in Southern California is very interesting.

Yesterday’s rides were great.  They were tired but worked very hard.  Lindsey, as always, rode to the max and produced some amazing work on all three.  Of all three, Fred is the most tired and will get a walk day today.  Fred raised the white flag and requested that William sub for her lesson with Shannon this morning.  William looked great yesterday so into the lesson program you go my boy.

The technical bits from yesterday’s rides…a much better connection from the hind leg to the contact while maintaining straightness and go.

Lance, yesterday

Lance, yesterday

And Fred...

And Fred…

So any questions?  You can send them by email orhere in wordpress at the end of the blog.  All anonoymously.  Except for the amazing boyfriend Peter…he’s never anonoymous.

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