Long lining…what a day…

Shannon Peters is a master on the long lines.  That is an understatment.  Period.

What she can do on the end of the long lines, leaves jaw dropping moments again and again for everyone watching.  Wow.

Shannon worked Fred and Lance on the lines and then Lindsey hopped on and finished the lesson riding off the lines.  On the long lines, especially with such a talent as Shannon handling them, the horses get a deeper understanding of the expectations of collection.  For the rider to get on after the long line session with Shannon, she can feel the quicker, higher steps and the new level of work her horse is capable of and can execute.  Yum, yum…deliciously wonderful work.

Lance, Lindsey and Shannon on the long lines yesterday.







We finished the day at a Pilates class (Olivia came with us…I think we got her hooked!!).  Today is lessons with Shannon on Lance and Fred.  William is almost ready for a lesson.  I’ll make a decision when to book it after today’s ride.

Pilates class at the end of the day and then long walk on the beach is on the schedule.

Off to the barn,




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