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I think we need to put together a blog with all the to answer all the questions we get throughout the year about our experiences traveling, training and managing to do what we do each year.

So if you ever wondered “How does Lindsey aid Lance to piaffe on a circle?”, ” How does Lindsey get her boots so shiny?”, “What size of truck do you need to haul everything to California?”, or “Don’t you miss your family?”,  “Has it all be been worth the sacrifice  and effort to be there?”.  We’ve answered these questions  and many more so we thought we’d put them all together and give you the scoop!  So if you have a burning question that you’d love to read the answer to…email me or ask it at the bottom of the blog.

We’ll do a Q andA blog at the end of the month.  My email is flngclrs@incentre.net

Yesterday was another great day.  The technical bits…the horses are much straighter (this is because of the amazing bit of info Shannon taught us last week) and yesterday Lindsey could then tackle the issue of improving the quality of the impulsion.  This is very hard work for the horses and for Lindsey but as always, very good work.

Lindsey has such good body control and she always amazes me how quickly she can integrate position changes into her half halts.  These position changes she is integrating require so much strength!  She is able to hold her body in balance, with each position change, while influencing 1300 lbs of moving athlete beneath her…well done kiddo, well done.

Thank you Shannon for all your generous tutoring of Lindsey and I.  The kindness and generosity you show both of us and our horses is much appreciated.  I am so grateful.

Eye candy from yesterday…





Lance, AKA "Fat Boy" (he is losing weight!)

Lance, AKA “Fat Boy” (he is losing weight 🙂 !)

Lance, yesterday

Lance, yesterday

So today’s plan is for Shannon to long line Fred and Lance.  I’m not sure how many photos I’ll be able to take (we’ll be in the covered arena, less light) and I’m usually so in awe of Shannon’s work, I don’t want to take my eyes off the lesson for a second!

Off to the barn and pilates in the afternoon,



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  1. anonymous

    Why does lindsey ALWAYS leave her sweet and awesome boyfriend for months at a time?

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