Rain, rain go away…

It was great to have Barb join us for the day!  After starting the morning with a Reformer/Barre class, we were off to Arroyo.  It was another day in the covered arena with short rides on all three horses.  They were great and are starting to feel like their normal selves again.  Today is a no riding day and they will be ready for lessons  with Shannon tomorrow.

We popped into the show at the end of the day and watched Shannon’s ride on Rikki Levine’s new mare Stella.

A masterfully quiet, technically amazingly accurate and beautifully elegant ride…all the way from warm up to show ring.  This is the way Shannon trains day-to-day.  Her ride in the ring reflects her daily training.  There are no short cuts.  Getting the horse to respond to what your body asks of them and getting your body to accurately ask the right question.  A lot of work for both horse and rider.  No shortcuts for horse or rider…no shortcuts.

Day two of the cancelled show...the outdoor rings are still floating.

Day two of the cancelled show…the outdoor rings are still floating.

Shannon and Stella

Shannon and Stella

Shannon and Stella

Shannon and Stella

"Good girl Stella"

“Good girl Stella”

Watching Stella's warm up.

Watching Stella’s warm up.

Watching her test.

Watching her test.

Today is an early Pilates class before heading to the barn.  Horses on the treadmill and the vibe plate, feed and then if the weather breaks maybe a beach afternoon???

Oh, by the way…I hate daylight savings time.  I hate it.  Sun’s up later in the morning :(.  What a dumb concept.  And so much re adjusting.  Whoever thought of DST didn’t have to feed a barn full of animals who like the same routine day-to-day.

Off to class,


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  1. Christina

    I couldn’t agree with you more about daylight savings time, Vickie. As if it wasn’t bad enough, we have to move it up so it happens even earlier in the year. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The Peace River Country and Saskatchewan have it right – no DST!

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