Oh yeah…I remember…it does get cold here…

The weather has turned grey.  Last week was California Dreamin’ sunny and warm and this week is California Reality; winter dizzily and grey.  Break out the scarfs and gloves, we are on it…we’re not shovelling it and the cooler temps are great riding weather, we’re smilin’.

The horses are almost working at their normal energy levels.

In past years, we have found that day 5 off the truck is the magic day that the travel cobwebs are gone.  At that point, everyone kicks in and they start to work easily at their normal energy levels.  Yesterday was day 4 so we’re almost there.

Yesterday we had lessons with Shannon on Fred and Lance (William is still dragging his butt around and would not make even 1/2 hr lesson with Shannon).

Everyone at Arroyo is busily getting ready for the show at Show Park  in Del Mar this weekend.  This show did not work out for us timing wise…boo hoo.  Too bad we couldn’t fit it in as it’s a great show; super footing, well run and safe stalls.  Our first show will be at San Juan Capistrano in 2 weeks, another great venue.

Lance's lesson with Shannon

Lance’s lesson with Shannon

William working the kinks out yesterday.

William working the kinks out yesterday.

Lindsey Stroh and Lientje Schueler catching up on the latest...

Lindsey Stroh and Lientje Schueler catching up on the latest…

Fred's lesson with Shannon.

Fred’s lesson with Shannon.

Today is lessons with Shannon again on Lance and Fred and then they’ll all get a well deserved rest day on Thursday.

For us, today is MELT (google it..MELT rocks) this evening.  I may try to sneak a run in on the beach (bundled up for sure!!) before MELT.

We won’t be at a Pilates class today as it’s rest day for us.  I have found a wonderful Pilates studio full of Reformers and Barres and all the other Pilates paraphernalia that puts together a great Pilates workout and it’s just minutes away from the cottage.  And $10/class!!!  Lindsey and I are so happy!!!  (We’ve got Emma Weinert along as well for company…makes for a fun class and great workout!!!!)

Goodness life is good, I am so thankful.


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