Our photographer has headed north….

Ok…so the team photographer has left for the snowy north.

He has dreams of ski slopes and deep powder in the Rockies!  “Beach time is great you guys but Revelstoke might have powder next weekend!!!”  “See you in April!!”  So off he goes.  His connecting flight to Edmonton did leave yesterday from Los Angeles.  All the Westjet flights were cancelled LA/Calgary (too much snow in Calgary).  Glad we choose the LA/Edmonton route for him this time and he arrived safely and timely in Edmonton last night!

The horses had a pretty boring day yesterday.  Treadmill and a light ride on each of them. They were are still very tired but worked great and each of them had a well deserved long nap in their stalls in the afternoon.

It so amazing to be back at Arroyo. It really feels like our home away from home.  Thank you Arroyo and Team Peters, we are very, very happy to be back in our home in the south.

Peter leaves today for Edmonton and the dogs and work.  He’s flying direct San Diego/Calgary then to Edmonton.  Maybe the runways in Calgary are still buried in snow today  and he’ll have to stay an extra day or two here??!!!  We’ll check the flight status before leaving for the airport for sure.

Barb and Curtis are taking Peter to the airport then they have booked an afternoon tee time East Lake Golf Course.

Off to Arroyo Del Mar and lessons with Shannon Peters this morning for Lindsey and I!

Good footing, happy horses and great coaching ahead today…what more could any girl ask for???!!!  🙂


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