Everyone here, safe and sound

Everyone arrived safe and sound around 3pm yesterday afternoon.  Whewwww…

Lindsey and Peter did a great job and delivered 3 very happy, non stressed horses to Arroyo Del Mar.

The first travel day was a big push from Wetaskiwin to Idaho Falls; 14 hours travel time, including the Can/US border vet inspection.  The next day was another long drive (12 hours) to Las Vegas.  The last day was a comfortable 6 hours to Arroyo.

The 2 overnight stops were great facilities for the horses; clean, safe and warm.  (Parkwood Jumpers, Idaho Falls and Equine Suites, Las Vegas)  Lindsey and Peter got 2 good nights’ sleep and were ready for the next day’s drive fresh and happy.  (Peter even won $25 at the casino in Southpoint Thursday night!!)

Curtis and Barb also arrived yesterday.  They have been in Arizona and have slowly made their way to California via Palm Desert and Laguna Woods.  Their golf clubs have had a good workout in February!  And now they are here to enjoy the beach, the sun and the horses for March.

We were all at Arroyo to unload the trailer and settle the horses into their stalls.  It was a flurry of activity for a couple of hours.  How many Canadians does it take to organize 3 horses at a stable????…well 6 adults seemed to work just fine!!!!

Today is a non riding day for us.  But our FatBoy (Lance) will definately be on the treadmill today for a good long while!  Fred will also visit the treadmill (she loves it!) and William will get a bit of a lunge session in the round pen.  They’ll all get a chance to work out the travel kinks today and tomorrow will be our first ride day.

Lindsey and I will be at the stable today, Barb and Curtis are headed to Costco to organize supper for tonight (yum) and Peter and Ivars are going to give their legs a burn and ride the 101 Hwy.

It’s going to be very great day!!!!


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